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Audi Q52023 Audi Q5

New 2023 Audi Q5 Specs, Price and Release Date

2023 Audi Q5: What We Know So Far


2023 Audi Q5 – Audi offers many luxury SUVs that are pleasing to the eye. The Audi Q5 is a pretty good SUV from Audi. Attractive interior design that looks hi-tech with various contemporary features. Unfortunately, the exterior design is not as expected. For a moment, I see it looks like a cheap car, which is on the back. However, the front is pretty good.

What are our hopes for this 2023 Audi Q5? Does the exterior design need to be changed? Or is there something else? If you want to know the answer, please read this article to the end.

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The most important, of course, is the exterior design on the back. The compact size of the car is a plus for this car. But we don’t think the back fits very well. Designs like Q8 seem worthwhile in the sample.

We see that this car is already using a hybrid engine with a four-cylinder gas turbo from reliable sources. In addition, we also see that each engine used in this car’s trim level doesn’t seem to have a significant difference. It certainly raises questions about the differences between the six trim levels. But, we hope it’s an error from the data we collect. Because, even so, there must be a difference in something else. This is our hope. We hope that the 2023 Audi Q5 will make the Prestige even better in performance.

2023 Audi Q5 New Design
2023 Audi Q5 New Design


2021 Audi Q5 has six different trim levels. Among them are Premium 45, Premium Plus 45, Prestige 45, Premium 55, Premium Plus 55, and Prestige 55. All of them have their differences, especially in terms of performance and price.

Based on data from caranddriver.com, the type of engine and fuel required for all trim levels of this car is Intercooled Turbo Gas/Electric I-4. In addition, the performance of the lowest trim level and the best trim level on this car has a considerable difference in horsepower and torque. For the 2023 Audi Q5, we hope this trim level remains unchanged.


This car has an attractive exterior design, where the front of the car looks quite bulging with a wide bumper. However, the main drawback, as I said above, is the rear of this car.

The back of this car looks like the cheap SUV cars on the market. Changing the design of this back for the better will have enough effect to make many people fascinated. At least, that’s what we imagined. As for the rest, there seems to be nothing to comment on. That’s my only hope for the exterior design of the 2023 Audi Q5.


Edmuds.com wrote an exciting thing about this car in the pro section, namely “Wide array of technology options.” It seems our opinion is not that far from it. Just looking at the picture makes me think, “wow, sophisticated.” Various tools with various functions are in the area around the steering wheel.

The seat surface made of leather will make it possible to make driving more enjoyable. Apart from that, the versatile cargo bay with a capacity of 53.5 cu ft seems very useful. Also, apart from the white ambient lighting package, other available lighting packages include Maritime Blue and Impulse Red. It looks like we don’t have any hope for the interior of the 2023 Audi Q5. But, we hope Audi will make it even better.

2023 Audi Q5 New Design
2023 Audi Q5 New Design


In our opinion, the performance of this car is good. As an SUV from Audi, of course, the 2021 Q5 is equipped with capable performance. The lowest trim level, Premium 45, can produce a maximum horsepower of 261 at 5000 rpm and a maximum torque of 273 at 1600 pm. That seems pretty good and powerful.

Moreover, Audi uses a hybrid engine for all trim levels in the 2021 Audi Q5. It’s certainly an added value that deserves to be taken into account. We only hope that the 2023 Audi Q5, when it’s made, will have an even better performance.


Pricing is quite challenging to enforce. Because making a price estimate is beyond our capabilities. Therefore, we can only estimate it by looking at the price of the previous year’s version of the car. We think, for the 2023 Audi Q5, it looks like a $2,000-$10,000 increase is reasonable. We also hope that a significant increase in performance will accompany the price increase.

The company itself has not officially issued detailed information about this type of car. However, it seems that in 2023 AUDI Q5 will be launched in the community. You only need to update every information, especially if you need this type of car.

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