New 2023 Audi A4 Redesign

2023 Audi A4 Redesign Exterior, Interior, and Price

2023 Audi A4 Redesign: Speculation and Overview

2023 Audi A4 Redesign – The Audi A4 is a budget package for those who want a more luxurious Audi sedan like the A8 or others. Even though it’s like that, the Audi A4 also offers various interesting things, from design to performance. For this reason, this car is still possible to be used as an alternative to the car on it.

In our opinion, this car is in the middle between classic and modern. We called it classic because of the design that can be considered old school. While modern because the features it brings are modern technology. That’s not a bad thing, but what can we expect for the 2023 Audi A4? Well, now we will discuss it. So, please read this article to the end.

2023 Audi A4 Redesign


Based on the data we got from, all trim levels of this car use a hybrid type engine. This is a pretty good value for this car. Although relatively cheap, the existence of a hybrid engine could be a reason for people to buy it. So, we hope that the 2023 Audi A4 can still use a hybrid engine but with better performance.

In addition, we also expect the exterior design of this car to be changed. It aims to make the 2023 Audi A4 look better, according to its era. Because we think the exterior design of the current AudiA4 looks classic and looks like a cheap car. For the interior, we will discuss below.


It looks like Audi should start to trim levels on each of their cars. This is to minimize confusion for customers when they want to buy an Audi car. Instead of 6, 4 to 5 trim levels seem to be enough. That’s why I hope the 2023 AudiA4 will have fewer trim levels.

Prestige 40 can be removed. So, the available trim levels are Premium 40, Premium Plus 40, Premium 45, Premium Plus 45, and Prestige 45. Eliminating Premium Plus 40 can be another option if you want to make the trim level 4. But, renaming the trim levels is also a great option to give fans something new.


As I said above, the body of this car looks like a classic, especially when viewed from the side. For this reason, we hope that the 2023 Audi A4 will feature a new, more modern A4 look.

The front of this car seems to be maintained. Because I think it looks modern. In addition, the shape of this car must also be maintained because it gives the impression of an athletic line on this car. Well, that seems to be all we can hope for the 2023 Audi A4 if it’s made.

Audi A4 2023 Model


In the area of ​​​​the steering wheel of this car looks very technological. The combination of existing features and the resulting light adds to the impression that this car has capable technology. In addition, the presence of a screen next to the steering wheel also makes it more attractive. We hope that the 2023 Audi A4 will be able to provide a car interior design that is better and more sophisticated than this.

The leather seat surface also makes it attractive and may feel comfortable to sit on. The design of the seat that is right for relaxing can also provide comfort while driving. In addition, the presence of ambient LED interior lighting also adds to the impression that this car is “sophisticated.” It looks like our expectations are not far from it. Just let Audi make the interior of this car better.

2023 Audi A4 Interior Design


From the data we got from, all trim levels of this car use a hybrid engine with four cylinders. That was fine, but it seemed like making a slight difference between the lowest, and the highest was a wise choice.
Furthermore, regarding horsepower and torque, which is far adrift between Premium 40 and Prestige 45. We agree with this. Because there should be a significant difference from each available trim, that’s what we expect for the 2023 Audi A4 at this point.


For the price, we also get the data from For Premium 40, the official retail price starts at $39,100. Meanwhile, the most expensive is the Prestige 45, an official retail price starting at $49,800. There is a considerable price difference of around $10,700. In our opinion, the additional $2,000-$4,000 is worth it for the 2023 Audi A4 if it’s built.

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